Kylie Lip Kit: Posie K Reveiw 💋

Today , I’m gonna review the oh-so famous Kylie lip kit in Posie k. I’ve been playing with it and really using it to give a full detailed review. I’ll start with the swatches of both the liner and the liquid lipstick.

Posie k liquid lipstick (bottom) and liner (top) swatch.
First I wanna talk about the scent; it’s a very sweet vanilla ish scent ,it’s comes of really strong when you first open the lipstick but you can’t really smell it on the lips , it slowly fades away. The pigmentation is amazing, in the picture above it was only one swipe and that was the result. Next thing let’s talk about the formula , when you apply it at first it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. It goes on smoothly and feel nice on the lips but after 2-3 hours your lips start to get dry and kind of crack on your lips. One thing I would like to command it on is the fact the it stayed on even after dinner . I’ll insert a picture here of me when I first applied it, after dinner and at the end of the night.

Me with Posie k on, I think it was after an hour of application that I took this picture.

After this I had lunch and for lunch I had a burger , which we all know how greasy and messy it can be. Surprisingly the lipstick stay on really well, the other time I went out with this on I had Chinese food which is oily and super messy and even with that it stayed on well.i would also like to point out for every time I had worn it I lined my lips with the liner provided in the kit.

This was after lunch .

This is after 7-8 hours of me wearing it without any touch ups.
Let’s talk a little about the liner , I think the liner is really good. It’s nice and smooth but not too smooth where it just melt on the lips . i actually prefer my liners to be a little stiff so i can work with it, some really creamy liners tend to smudge on my lips and i think this liner is perfect. One little thing I wanna point out with the liner is that the cap, when you put the cap back on make sure it’s on properly.

I would like to point out some Pros and Cons.


1. Very pigmented.

2.long wearing 

3. Fades nicely.


1. Really hard to get.

2. It’s expensive. ( but you do get a liner and a liquid lipstick)

3. After 2-3 hours of wear it gets really drying. 

4.does settle into lip lines. 

I would give it a 3.5/5 . I honestly prefer my Kat von d liquid lipsticks over this one. It’s just more comfortable for me . 😊 I hope this was helpful.


Nida 💋