Mac dupes : Medora Lipsticks ? 

Note/ disclaimer : These dupes are with lipstick I own and they might not be a 100 % same , they are very similar . These are just my opinions.

I love lipsticks so much , that over the years I have accumulated quite a bit. I love trying out all brands be it high end (when I can afford them) or drugstore . Mac lipsticks are loved by a lot of people and are really good quality but they can be a little expensive . Also Mac cosmetics products are  hard to come by here(Pakistan) and when you do it’s really over priced and there is a chance of them not being ‘real’.  Like I mentioned before I love lipsticks so I have a lot 😋 I decided to go through my lipstick stash and look for cheaper dupes . When I swatched the Medora ones some of them looked really similar to my Mac ones. Now for anyone who doesn’t know Medora of London , it’s a really inexpensive Pakistani brand and I think they are most famous for their lipsticks. I’m not sure of you can get them outside of Pakistan.

First let’s look at the swatches.  Medora’s Mystry and Mac’s rebel.

Medora’s Mystry is a matte finish  and Mac’s  rebel  is a satin finish. The colour look the same on the lip but the Mac one has some shine to it. Also the Medora one is a little pinker than the Mac one.
 Medora’s fiesta and Mac’s lustering.

Fiesta is a matte and lustering is a lustre finish. Fiesta might be the most patchiest one that I own. The colours are the same but the Mac one goes on a lot smoother and more opaque.

 Mac’s craving and Medora’s pink berry

Mac’s craving which is an amplified final and Medora’s pink berry matte. Other than the differnt finishes the colours are the exact same. It’s not as bad as the how it turned out in the picture though. When applied on the lip the colours look the same.
  Medora’s carnation and Mac’s syrup. 

Medora’s carnation matte and Mac’s syrup lustre. This was a surprise dupe I wasn’t expecting them to be this similar the only major difference is that the Mac one is a little shiny since it is a lustre finish.
 Medora’s siss , Mac’s touch and Medora’s brown Tom Tom.

Medora’s siss (matte) , Mac’s touch (lustre) and medora’s brown Tom Tom (matte). This was a hard one originally I wanted to dupe whirl but I would find an exact dupe for it but I did some close to touch . It’s not exact but I wanna show that there are a lot of brown’s in the collection.

 Medora and Mac’s outer packaging.( Medora’s packaging isnt the best its made from cheap plastic and i have problems with the cap breaking and not sliding off the tube )
Now that the swatches are done let’s move on to the formulas. All of the Medora lipsticks in the swatches were matte and I’m gonna be 100 % honest I love the matte formula of these lipsticks , even more than Mac’s . They go on smooth and creamy yet they stay matte on the lips. They feel comfortable and they last for quite some time on the lips. The only one that went on patchy was fiesta and it was also kinda sheet compared to the others , so I might stay away from that colour. The others are amazing. The swatches weren’t exact but they were close. These are just on the lipsticks I own from Medora . I’m sure i can find more dupes from the Medora lipstick like and I’m sure they have more finishes like semi matte, glossy etc. I think if you can you definitely should give these are try and they are so inexpensive. I get mine for only 110 Pakistani rupees ($1.05) . I hope this mini review and swatches were helpful to some. Please let me know your thoughts on it , I would really appreciate it ❤️.

You can buy these at Saloni and any drugstores in Pakistan.



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