Colour pop ‘nillionaire’ shadow reveiw. 

Nillionaire by colourpop on my lid.
I’m gonna be honest, looking up pictures online and looking at the swatches of  the colour it looked absolutely beautiful. When I got it and swatched it with my fingers it looked like it would be the most pigmented shadow but when applied to the eye lid with and without primer it showed up really sheer. Yes , I did apply it with my finger like it’s said on colour pops website. It’s almost impossible to get any pigmentation with a brush. Now I’ve heard that the metallic shades from the colourpop super shock shadows tend to do that but a part of my was really hoping it would turn out super sparkly and pigmented on my lids. Since bae worked out so good for me I was hoping this would do the same.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still a beautiful shade and even when not being as pigmented as I would like , it still looked beautiful . What I would suggest is use it over another shadow; like a dark shadow and it would add some sparkle to it. I think this issue it only with the metallic shades, I also bought ‘kathleenlights‘ which is a pearlised shade and it works amazing especially for a $5 shadow.

 Swatches on my finger and hand. 

Pros : 

1.It’s affordable.

2.It’s a nice sparkle on the lid.

3.It blends easily.


1.Not too pigmented.

2.It creases easily without primer.

3.If you leave the cap open for long it can dry out. ( this is for all of colour pop shadows)

4.Has fall out.

5.Doesn’t apply well with an eye brush.

I would rate it 2/5. I personally thing you’re better off without the metallic shadows from the colour pop eyeshadow range . I think the pearlised ones are pretty nice .  I haven’t tried the matte ones yet so I don’t have an opinion on them yet ;p . The metallic ones are a disappointment .

Last thing I want to add is that these are just my opinion and what I think about the product. It’s an honest review and I hope you like it ❤️ Also follow me on Instagram to keep updated.


Nida . 

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